About Us

The core team has been working in the Russian
stock market since its foundation in 1995.

About us

We help our clients to invest effectively in securities on Russian and foreign stock markets, to find proven business solutions for entrepreneurs, to accompany mergers and acquisitions and to finance venture projects.

We do our best to earn money in any, even the most difficult market conditions. Our principle is never to lose. In our work, we rely on cold calculation, fast reaction, our in-house analysis and common sense.

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It often happens that even a highly qualified employee does not contribute to the company, since he does not feel a part of the team.

We are sure that creating a strong team is a key to business success. Our team is a single organism generating a synergetic effect in the working process.

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Our principles

We highly appreciate our business reputation
We use the most responsible approach
We manage the clients’ capital as our own
Our clients

Clients of “Vivait Investment Company” represent different professions, come from different areas of business, and have different goals, interests and hobbies.

But they are united by one thing: they know what they want to achieve in life. They are aimed at unconditional success, no matter what they do. They are responsible for their lives and for the lives of their families, relatives and close friends. They know how and are able to earn money. They constantly improve the quality of their lives. Clients of “Vivait Investment Company create a stable present and reliable future for them and their families with their own hands.

We are recommended

I have known the team of “Vivait” company for several years. It is a responsible and reliable team of financial market professionals who have been working together for a long time. I have no doubts that their experience and cohesion will allow them to succeed in their new project, which is “Vivait” company itself. In any case, our cooperation in the direct investment market for a number of projects in different sectors of the economy was effective.
Oleg Frakin
Executive Director of International Logistic Company, Member of the Independent Directors Association
“Vivait” Investment Company team has been consulting me on the financial markets for a long time, since they worked in another company. Considering the fast changing financial situation in the modern world, it is very valuable and useful to be able to get competent advice and guidance to action from highly professional experts at any time. Thanks to “Vivait” company, I manage to work without losses in the stock market and even earn money, despite the market shocks in recent years.
Aleksander Abramov
President of the 7 Summits Club Master of Sport of the USSR on mountain climbing Active Member of the Russian Geographical Society